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VIN Number Window Etching Kits

Why pay someone to etch your vehicles windows with your VIN number when you can do it yourself!

These window etching kits come complete with everything you need to etch the windows on your vehicle. Plus, we now carry the two and three vehicle kits to save you money and protect all of your vehicles.


Why etch your windows?

Thieves won't steal a car they can't sell. With the VIN number etched into the major glass pieces on your vehicle it is much more difficult to sell and eaier to trace.

Many police departments recommend window etching as one of the top 3 theft deterrents you can buy!

Many insurance companies offer a discount on your premium when you etch your windows, call your agent to find out if yours does! Each kit comes with an insurance discount application for you to fill out and send in to your insurance company.



To Purchase:

1. Write down the VIN number of the vehicle(s) you want to protect. The number can usually be found on your dashboard, near the front corner on the drivers side. The VIN is a 17 character string of numbers and letters. Please double check your VIN before sending it to us!

2. Choose the number of vehicles you need kits for below and click on the "Add to Cart" button. >

3. In the checkout process, you will find a box for you to add additional information. Enter your VIN number(s) in that box. Please also include a phone number in case we have a question.

4. You may also email us your VIN number separately. Just include your name, phone, shipping address and VIN number.


Each kit includes:

Etching creme
9 stencils with your vehicles VIN number
Rubber gloves
Insurance discount application form
Window warning labels


Single Vehicle Kit




Don't forget to include your VIN number during the checkout process.

Near the end of checkout, tThere will be a note box where you can enter the VIN and your phone number. If you forget to enter during checkout, no problem, just send us an email with your name and VIN.

Two Vehicle Kit
(Save $10)



Three Vehicle Kit
(Save $15)

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