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Jimmi' Jammer® product details for Ford F150 and Raptor trucks, model years 2004 - 2014


It only takes a screwdriver and 10 seconds to break in...unless you have the Jimmi' Jammer® installed.

Above: Photo sent from Jim R. in Seattle, WA. The thief pryed under the handle and entered the truck. Jim lost his GPS receiver and a laptop computer.

Stop Thief!

F150 trucks are vulnerable by prying under the handle or by punching the lock cylinder into the door.

It's fast, easy and doesn't attract much attention.

The Jimmi' Jammer® for Ford F 150 trucks prevents thieves from getting at the lock rods inside the door or punching the lock into the door.


Scroll down to see how the Jimmi' Jammer® works on your truck...


Photo 2


Photo 3



<< Photo 2:

This photo shows the backside of an F150 handle having the keyless entry pad. The red arrow points at the lock pawl.

Thieves can punch the keypad into the door, giving them access to the lock rods.

Another method is to pry in under the handle, (as seen in the first photo on this page,) to get at the rods, or to punch the lock itselft into the door. All of these methods are common.


<< Photo 3:

This photo shows a Jimmi' Jammer® plate installed on an 04 - 14 F150 door handle.

The handle is removed from the door for the picture so you can see how the plate covers the back of the lock holder. The cut-out area on the lower left of the plate allows the keyless entry pad wire guide the space it needs to mount in the door.

The Jimmi' Jammer® plate prevents the lock from being smashed into the door, and shields the lock rods from attack from either below the handle or from the keyless entry pad.


What about the rear doors on a four door truck?

Your back doors are vulnerable too!

Thieves have figured out how to get at the rods inside the door cavity on rear doors by pulling the bottom of the handle away from the body metal and using a piece of wire or screwdriver to move the internal rods.

Our rear door kit for the F150 will prevent access to these rods.



Each kit comes with everything needed:

- Jimmi' Jammer® plate for each door
- Window warning labels
- Step by step instructions

Note: Each kit is for 2 doors. Front and rear sold seperately.



Kit numbers for 2004 - 2014 Ford F150 and Raptor trucks. (Does not fit 2015 and newer F150 or 2017 and newer Raptor.)

PN 113400 fits trucks that have the keyless entry pad on the drivers door, and no lock cylinder on the passenger door.

PN 113450 fits trucks that have a lock cylinder on each front door and DO NOT have a keyless entry pad.

PN 113451 fits trucks that DO NOT have keyless entry pad on the drivers door and DO NOT have a lock cylinder on the passenger door.

PN 113470 fits the rear doors on any of the above configurations.

PN 113475 tailgate handle Jimmi' Jammer® (See box below right for details.)

PN 5471 Hood Latch Jimmi' Jammer® fits 04 -19 F150 and Raptor, and 99 - 19 Super Duty without radiator in front of hood latch. (See box below for link to details.)

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PN 113400
PN 113450
Other door kits are similar to above two photos.


Your tailgate is a target for thieves too!
If you have a locking tailgate handle, click here.

No lock on your tailgate handle, click here.


2004 - 2014 Ford F-150 and Raptor
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