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Vehicle Theft Myths
Myths about how and why thieves steal vehicles are abundant. We have consulted several law enforcement officials, insurance companies and automotive professionals to debunk some of the common misconceptions about vehicle theft and burglary.

Myth 1
Vehicle security products are a waste of money because if a thief really wants your vehicle, he will get it anyway.
The Truth
Actually, thieves will look for the easiest target that matches their needs. A layered approach to security on your vehicle will encourage them to look elsewhere. The last thing they want is to get caught, so anything that causes them to take extra time will help, and may deter them altogether.
Myth 2
I don't need security because I park my vehicle in the garage every night.
The Truth
Thieves aren't on a time schedule. Many vehicle thefts and burglaries happen during the daytime and often at mall or grocery store parking lots. Even the parking lot at work can be unsafe.
Myth 3
I have good insurance, I'll just get a new truck if this one is stolen.
The Truth
Read your policy. If you pay the extra premium for replacement, this may be true. Otherwise, your insurance pays the depreciated value for your vehicle based on book values. Accessories such as wheels and high-end stereos are usually not included in the premium.
Myth 4
Personal belongings such as laptop computers or cameras are covered by your car insurance.
The Truth
These items may be covered by your homeowners insurance, but you should check your policy. Your vehicle insurance will normally not replace these items if they are stolen from your vehicle. This applies to tools and other items as well.
Myth 5
My vehicle isn't that new, nobody would want to steal it.
The Truth
The most commonly stolen vehicles are usually a couple of years old or more. If the vehicle is being stolen for parts, the market for blackmarket parts grows as the vehicle is on the road for a few years. Newer vehicles aren't commonly chopped for parts as older ones are.
Myth 6
I have the factory pass key system so my vehicle cannot be stolen.
The Truth
Anyone can buy a bypass kit for almost any vehicle on the market. These kits are commonly sold over the internet and in car audio magazines. They are easy to get and easy to use, but by having additional layers of security it will take the thief more time to steal your vehilce, thus increasing the chance he will move on.