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The Gate Keeper®

Did you know that tailgates are often stolen and sold to crooked shops who then resell them to their customers? For the shop, it's a much higher profit than if they were to buy from a legitimate dealer.

Even individuals who don't want to buy a new tailgate for their own truck will go to the mall and steal one because it is so easy.
Cost to replace one you lose? $1000 or more!

The Gate Keeper® is a solid steel, custom formed bracket that bolts directly to the truck body to prevent easy removal of the tailgate.

Even if your truck has a locking handle on the gate, it only works when it is locked. Is yours locked now?


Bracket style and mounting varies by model.


< This photo shows a typical Gate Keeper® installation.

No cutting or drilling is required! The Gate Keeper® mounts using an existing factory mounting hole.

- Sold as a kit with bracket, tool, (as needed) and instructions.
- FREE installation tutorials are available on the mfg website.
- Easy to install, passive security that you never have to set before leaving the vehicle.

Unlike locking handles, the Gate Keeper® works even when you leave your tailgate down!

Great for ATV riders! You can leave your gate down while you're away from your truck.

Several Models Available
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Each Gate Keeper® is packaged with the custom bracket, replacement bolt (if needed), the installation/removal tool (as needed) and complete instructions.

It's easy to install in about 5 minutes.


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