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The Jimmi' Jammer®


Thieves often use a screwdriver to pry into the seam between your door handle and the body metal.

It is easy, fast and quiet.


Why break in this way?
Many factory alarms are fooled into thinking a key was used to open the door, so they won't even go off!



The Jimmi' Jammer® is a solid steel, custom formed steel plate that bolts directly to the back of your door handle. (Photo to the right shows an example.) >>

Each Jimmi' Jammer® comes in kit form with everything you need:
- Two plates (drivers side + passenger side.)
- Installation Instructions.
- Window warning labels.

- FREE installation tutorials at
- FREE phone tech support.


Ready for specific information for your vehicle?

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General Motors - Chevrolet, GMC, Hummer

Ford, Lincoln, Mercury



Note: Plate style and size vary by model.



PunchPlug™ and LockCap™ look like this installed.


Are you tired of replacing expensive door locks?

We now have 2 products to help prevent your lock from being punched into the door!

PunchPlug™ does away with the lock

LockCap™ hides the lock from view

Use either product WITH the Jimmi' Jammer® to maximize your vehicle security!

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PunchPlug™ and LockCap™
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