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Jimmi' Jammer® details for Dodge trucks
RAM 1500 series 1997-01
RAM 2500/3500 series 1998-02

Photo from David R. in Miami, FL.

Stop Thief!

The photo to the left shows the result of a thief using a screwdriver to break into a 1998 Ram truck.

Notice the entry point through the door and handle seam, below the lock cylinder.

The thief uses the screwdriver to move the lock rods inside the door.

Why do it this way?

It's fast, easy and doesn't attract attention! Plus, this method fools the factory alarm brain into thinking a key was used to open the door and therefore will not activate the alarm!


Inside your door...

The photo to the right shows your door on the inside. The red arrow (right center) points to the lock pawl and door lock actuating rod. This is what they're trying to get at when they pry into your door.

Without the Jimmi' Jammer®, the thief has easy access to these components.

The Jimmi' Jammer® blocks access to the lock components inside the door!!



Photo to the left shows how a Jimmi' Jammer® plate protects the lock components. Shown on the backside of the handle.

Note that the area around the lock is protected and access to the lock rods is denied! (Rods removed for clarity.)

The Jimmi' Jammer® bolts on using existing door handle stud and nut. No cutting or drilling is required.

Installation takes about 30 minutes per door.

Each kit comes with everything you need:
- Jimmi' Jammer® plate for each door
- Complete installation instructions
- Window warning labels


Ready to hide or get rid of the door lock altogether? Check out our
PunchPlug™ and LockCap™

PN 072100

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Ram kit shown, others similar.

Car models also now available!

We now carry the Jimmi' Jammer® for the following Dodge cars:
Dodge Charger, 2006-2010

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