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The Jimmi' Jammer® Hood Latch Guard
has been
discontinued. This page remains for reference.


Stop Thief!

Did you know a thief can open your hood in 5 seconds using just a screwdriver? Once under the hood, it is easy to disable alarms, cut battery cables or steal valuable parts.

The arrow shows about where the thief inserts a screwdriver through the grill and pops the hood open on Ford trucks, vans and SUVs.

It's fast, it's easy and it won't trigger most alarms!


Here is a closeup of the hood latch without protection. >>

The arrow points to the vulnerable area. It only takes a screwdriver and a couple seconds to open the hood.

What's worse is that most alarms won't go off unless you have a special switch on the hood.




Here's the solution

The Jimmi' Jammer® hood latch protection kit.>>

This metal cover bolts over the latch assembly, guarding the release mechanism. This photo shows a Hood Latch Guard covering the latch mechanism.

Installation takes only a few minuets and is easy to do. No cutting or drilling required. Bolts right on.

Note: Your part will come in flat black. Shown here unpainted for clarity.

To see a 3 min video on installation, click here

Hood Guard Part Numbers for Ford trucks and SUVs

PN 5471 fits the following vehicles: (Please read through the red box below also.)

- Ford F150 and Lincoln Mark LT trucks - 2004 - 2020

- F250 F350 F450 Super Duty trucks 1999-2022. See details below.

- Ford Ranger pickups, 1996 - 2012

To see a short video for Ranger, click here

- Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator 2003 -2014.

-Ford Excursion - All years

- Ford E-Series Van - 2008 - 2020. Also fits later model cut-away or box vans using the E-Series platform.

Will the Jimmi' Jammer Hood Guard fit your Ford?

Some Ford trucks have either a second radiator or transmission cooler blocking the hood latch from the front side.

The pictures below should help you decide if the Jimmi' Jammer Hood Guard will fit your truck.


On the picture below, the large silver radiator is below the hood latch assembly. The hood latch is accessible and the hood latch guard is necessary and will fit.

If your truck looks like the photo below, or as long as the latch is accessible, the Hood Latch Guard will fit and should be installed.


The photo below shows another common configuration on Super Duty trucks and some F150s with towing packages etc.

Here, there is a large black radiator mounted in front of the hood latch. This is in addition to the regular radiator mounted more below the latch.

You can see that the latch is partially obscured by the front radiator. Therefore our Jimmi' Jammer Hood Guard will not fit. Since the radiator is blocking the vulnerable area of the latch, the Jimmi' Jammer is not necessary on this configuration.






Each kit comes with everything needed.
- Hood Guard part
- Instructions

PN 5471


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