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New Product! The Jimmi' Jammer® Hood Latch Guard
GM trucks and SUVs product details


Stop Thief!

Did you know a thief can open your hood in 5 seconds using just a screwdriver? Once under the hood, it is easy to disable alarms, cut battery cables or steal valuable parts.

This photo shows the thief using a screwdriver to easily pop the hood of the Escalade open.

We won't show how it's done, but the bad guys already know! It's fast, it's easy and it won't trigger most alarms!


Here is an actual customer photo >>

Once under the hood, the thief was able to cut the battery cable and disable the alarm. Over $3000 in wheels and tires gone!




Here's the solution, the Jimmi' Jammer ™ hood latch protection kit.>>

This metal cover bolts over the latch assembly, guarding the release mechanism. The hood release cable is also protected!

Installation takes about 1/2 hour and is easy to do.



Hood Guard Part Numbers for GM trucks and SUVs

PN 2026 fits 1999-06 and 07 Classic body full size GM trucks and 2000-06 full size SUVs. ( Silverado, Sierra, Tahoe, Suburban, Yukon, Avalanche*, Escalade, Escalade EXT.)
* Avalanche owners please read the red box below for important application information.

PN 2028 fits 2007-2013 full size GM trucks and SUVs. ( Silverado, Sierra, Tahoe, Suburban, Yukon, Avalanche, Escalade, Escalade EXT.)

Special Note for Avalanche applications

Avalanche owners:

Before ordering this part, please check your hood latch assembly.

A small percentage of Avalanches were configured with a different style hood lever that won't allow our standard hood guard to fit. We have a special part number for these vehicles.

Compare the picture below to your hood latch style to see if you need the special part. If your hood latch has the hood release lever as shown extending directly below the latch, you need our special Hood Latch Guard PN 2027. ( The arrows point at the hood latch lever.)


If your Avalanche hood release lever is not like this, the standard version of the Hood Latch Jimmi' Jammer™ (PN 2026) will fit.



Each kit comes with everything needed.
Hood Guard size and shape varies by model.
Full size 99-06 GM model shown above.


PN 2026
PN 2028

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