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New Product !
LockCap™ Door Lock Protection Kit



On this truck a thief jammed a
screwdriver into the lock and stripped it out!



< Finally had enough of the thieves messing up those expensive locks?

Hide the lock from view and the thieves will leave it alone!

Our LockCap™ door handle lock cover kit will allow you to hide the lock, yet retain the ability to use your key to get in should the need arise!

Works as a visual deterrent and makes it harder for the thieves to attack the lock!

Different from our PunchPlug™ product in that the LockCap™ keeps the lock in place, while the PunchPlug™ does away with the lock.


Is the LockCap™ right for you?

Some customers have told us they like the idea of the PunchPlug™ but are afraid to remove the door lock in case they need to use the key to get in someday. For these customers, we have the LockCap™.

The LockCap™ is easy to install without any tools or special know-how.

Each kit comes with a single use packet of our special silicone adhesive that will not migrate into the lock yet holds the LockCap™ securely in place.

If you ever need to use your key to get into the vehicle, just pry the cap off with a pocket knife or other thin tool.

To the thief, it appears that the lock has been removed so hopefully they will go someplace else!

Made from steel, not cheap plastic!

Made in the U.S.A.

LockCap™ kit comes with instructions, special silicon adhesive and steel LockCap™ lock cover.


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