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PunchPlug™ Door Lock Elimination Kit
Chevy, GMC and other GM Vehicles


< Finally had enough of the thieves messing up those expensive locks?

Ready to get rid of the lock altogether?

Our PunchPlug™ door lock elimination kit will allow you to remove the lock and not leave a gaping hole where the lock was located!

Much less expensive than replacing the door handle!


To the right is a closeup of the PunchPlug™ in place. >>

The metal plug slides into the lock holder from the back side. A support strip and screw hold it in place.

Looks good and keeps out dirt and water. The unique shape of the PunchPlug™ fits the concave shape of the lock holder for a good fit and look!

Easy to install with basic tools.

Even if your door handle is already damaged from the lock being punched in, the PunchPlug™ can still be used.

If the front side of your handle still looks ok, the PunchPlug™ can, in most cases, be installed to save the cost of a new handle AND eliminate the lock from the door.

Then, you can then just use your key fob to lock and unlock the door, like you probably do anyway!

The top photo to the right shows a 99-06 GM truck/suv handle with the PunchPlug™ installed.

The bottom photo to the right shows an 07+ GM truck/suv handle with the PunchPlug ™ installed.



Use the PunchPlug™ along with the Jimmi' Jammer® to keep the thieves out of your vehicle!

Even with the lock removed, the thieves can still get into your truck!
They go under the handle and get at the manual door lock pull rod or the door latch where the rod connects.

Install a Jimmi' Jammer™ while you're inside the door to help keep them out! (Sold seperately.)

Photo above shows the backside of the
99-06 GM truck/SUV door handle with
a PunchPlug™ installed.

Even if your door handle was damaged in a theft attempt, the PunchPlug™ may be used without replacing the handle!

If the outside of the handle is not noticably damaged, but the backside is cracked or broken, the PunchPlug™ can be glued in place using epoxy.


Each kit comes with everything needed.

- PunchPlug™ lock hole plug
- Back brace and screw
- Instructions

Standard PunchPlug™ is black textured paint. Color match your handle if necessary using spray touchup paint or spray can colors.

Ready to order a PunchPlug™ for your GM vehicle?
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