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License plate, frame and toll transponder security kits

These kits provide another important layer in your vehicle security plan.

Did you know that thieves commonly steal license plates from vehicles? Why?

  • To avoid paying for new license tags
  • To disguise the identity of their car
  • To hide the identity of a stolen vehicle

If you have an E-Z Pass or other toll road transponder, thieves steal them to avoid paying tolls!

Our Plate Keeper™ kit will protect your license plates, frames and transponders from theft.

The head of our security screws is unique and difficult to remove without the included tool.

This car has an E-Z Pass
to be protected.


The Plate Keeper™
- Four Security Screws
- Installation Tool
- Instructions
Kit # 400900 pictured above


To see a short video on how easy license plates can be stolen, and how easily the Plate Keeper™ can be installed to protect them, click on the link below.

A new window will open and show the video, to return here, just close the window.

Plate Keeper Video

How to measure license plate screws

Find correct Plate Keeper by vehicle type


Choose a kit for your vehicle here.

American made vehicles

PN 400900 fits most American made vehicles.
Kit contents:
#14 x 3/4" long sheet metal screws
(1) Installation and removal tool

Other sizes and lengths available.

Fits most
Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Hummer, Jeep, Lincoln, Mercury, Pontiac, Ram, Saturn.

Tesla license plate screw kits click here

American vehicle kit

Price: $11.00

PN 400900 - American made vehicles

Imported vehicles - Metric kit

PN 400910 fits most Asian and some European vehicles. Check the size you have before ordering.

Note: Your front plate screws may be different than the back screws. If so, you may need our Mixed Kit PN 400930. (Scroll down.) Check before ordering.

Kit contents:
(4) M6 x 16mm (5/8") long security screws
(1) Installation and removal tool.

Other sizes available upon request.

Fits most models of the following manufacturers:
Acura, Audi, Honda, Hyundai, Infinity, Isuzu, Kia, Lexus, Mazda, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Scion, Subaru*, Suzuki, Toyota, Volkswagen

*Subaru owners should check screw types and sizes before ordering.
Does not fit BMW or MINI vehicles, see PN400920 or 400922.


Metric screw kit


Price: $11.00

PN 400910 - Imported vehicles, metric

BMW and Mini vehicles

PN 400920
fits BMW cars and SUV's.
Kit contents:
(4) M5 x 16mm long, ( 5/8") security screws.
Slightly longer than stock screws. Use with plate frames.
(1) Installation and removal tool.

PN 400922 for BMW and MINI vehicles that require shorter screws.
May be too short if you have a thick plate frame.

Kit contents:
(4) M5 x 12mm, (1/2") security screws
(1) Installation and removal tool.

BMW and Mini owners
for further details


BMW kit
Long (16mm) or
Standard (12mm)

Price: $11.00

PN 400920 - Longer BMW
Out of Stock

PN 400922 - Standard BMW
Out of Stock

Mixed Kit

PN 400930 for vehicles with metric machine screws on the rear plate and sheet metal type screws on the front plate.

Kit contents:
(2) #14 x 3/4" long sheet metal type security screws
(2) M6 x 16mm long metric machine type security screws
(1) Installation and removal tool. Fits both screw types.


Mixed type kit

Price: $11.00

PN 400930 - Mixed Type Kit

Transponder protection kit

PN 400933 for vehicles with a toll road transponder on the front plate. Not for Tesla vehicles.

Kit contents
(2) # 1" long sheet metal security screws
(1) Installation and removal tool.


Transponder kit

Price: $10.00

PN 400933 - Transponder Kit

NEW ITEMS - For Tesla Vehicles

We have four choices for Tesla vehicles.

PN 400902 Standard Tesla vehicle kit
Fits Model S, Model X.

Fits front and rear of vehicle.
(Not for Model 3 cars)

Standard kit contents
(4) 3/4" sheet metal security screws
(1) Installation and removal tool


PN 400906 License Plate and Toll Transponder kit
Fits Model S and Model X
Protects front plate with toll road transponder plus rear plate

(Not for Model 3 cars)

Plate plus transponder kit contents
(4) 3/4" sheet metal security screws
(2) 1" long sheet metal security screws
(1) Installation and removal tool


Standard Tesla S, X Kit

Tesla S, X plate + transponder kit


PN 400902 - Standard Tesla kit

Price: $11.00
Out of Stock


PN 400906 - Tesla plate plus transponder kit

Price: $13.95
Out of Stock

PN 400903 Tesla Model 3 Standard
Fits Model 3 cars, 2017-2020 only 

Short screws for front plate, longer for rear

Standard Model 3 kit includes:
(2) Short screws for front plate
(2) Longer screws for rear plate

(1) Installation and removal tool


PN 400913 Tesla Model 3 Toll Transponder kit, 2017-2020 models only.
For use with toll transponder on front plate of
Model 3. Longer screws for transponder.

Model 3 Transponder kit includes:
(4) Rear plate screws
(2) Front plate screws long enough for transponder
(1) Installation and removal tool

Tesla Model 3 Standard

Tesla Model 3 Transponder



Model 3 kits

PN 400903 - Std. Model 3 kit

Price: $11.00
Out of Stock


PN 400913 - Model 3 Transponder

Price: $13.95

Out of Stock

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