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LockCap™ Door Lock Protection Kit
PunchPlug™ Door Lock Elimination Kit



< Does this look familiar?

Thieves are attacking the lock on your door to get into your vehicle!

Today's door handles are mostly plastic, so the thieves take advantage of the weakness by punching the lock into the door!

One problem. Two solutions.

The PunchPlug™ does away with the lock altogether.

The LockCap™ hides the lock and helps shield it from attack.

Which product is right for you?

For maximum security, remove the lock and install our PunchPlug™. (Requires removal of inside door panel to install, but provides the most secure option.)

If you are not crazy about the idea of removing your door lock just in case you need to use the key to get in someday, then get our LockCap™ product. Adheres to outside of lock to hide it from view. Can be removed if you need to use your key.

Both products are made from steel, not cheap plastic!

Made in the U.S.A.



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