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The Jimmi' Jammer®
< Does this look familiar? Thieves will often attack a vehicle using a screwdriver to get at the lock rods inside the door. The Jimmi' Jammer™ is the solution to this common problem.

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The PunchPlug™ or the LockCap™
Has your lock been punched in to gain access to your vehicle?

Due to many customer requests, we've come up with two different ways to keep the thieves out!

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The Gate Keeper®
< Stop Thief!

Tailgate theft is a big problem. Most tailgates can be removed in less than 20 seconds, and once removed, they are easy to sell.

A replacement can cost you more than $1000!

Protect your tailgate with the Gate Keeper® tailgate security kit.

The Plate Keeper™
< License plate theft is a serious problem.

Thieves steal license plates for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they wish to hide the identity of their vehicle before they commit a crime, so they put YOUR plates on their vehicle temporarily. Other times, they just don't want to renew their own tags so they find a similar vehicle and swipe the plates to avoid renewing their own plates.

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Above: Special security head screw makes light removal difficult!


< The Light Keeper™

Yes, they even steal taillights!

New Factory taillights can cost upwards of $1000 to replace, due to the sensors often inside the taillights. The cost combined with the ease of removal makes for an attractive target for thieves.

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