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The Light Keeper™ for Jeep Wrangler is no longer avaialable.

Thieves like easy targets.

So you've bought a few accessories for your Jeep...

There is a good chance a cage or guard for your taillights is one of them. If so, you should be aware that these guards are very popular with thieves.

They're easy to remove and sell quickly online!

The Light Keeper™ taillight security kit for the Jeep Wrangler is an easy yet effective taillight and guard theft deterrent that will help protect your vehicle.



Simply replace the factory screws with these custom stainless steel security head screws.

The installation and removal tool allows you to still access the bulbs, but thieves will not be able to remove the screws.

See a 3 minute installation video here

Don't use power driver!




These screws are longer than the factory taillight screws.

They will work with most any aftermarket light cage, guard or cover.





Order a Light Keeper™ for your Jeep Wrangler here

Discontinued Model
Includes 8 Security Head screws and installation tool.
Sorry, Light Keeper for Jeeps is no longer available.


Also check out our License Plate Security Kit

Thieves like to steal license plates before committing a crime to help them get away, or sometimes just because they are too lazy to renew their own tags.

They may also be hiding their identity due to outstanding warrants or other problems.

It is a common problem, so protect your plates with these security head screws that cannot be removed with a phillips or standard screwdriver.

Comes with 4 security screws and the installation and removal tool.

To order a Plate Keeper
click here